For global technology manufacturers and distributors, material returns can be a mission-critical liability. The volatility of channel returns, stock rotation, defective product, surplus, scrap, and service exchange items can significantly impact profit within the quarter.
The Supply Chain Alliance specializes in returns prevention for the world’s largest technology manufacturers and distributors. Within the niche of technology returns prevention, SCA increases revenues and competitive advantages, reduces operating costs, and mitigates the global risks of processing eWaste.

As a process architect, SCA understands that business processes solve goals, not singular solution tools or staffing recommendations. We assume a strategic role to optimize returns processes with the least amount of disruption. SCA methodically and aggressively achieves Level 1 Metrics with Six Sigma DMAIC tools, and a proven Design, Stabilize, Optimize™ process that:

  • Strategically redesigns return material policies and procedures to support corporate growth and revenue objectives,
  • Stabilizes the end-to-end process to ensure metric achievements before engaging additional rollout phases, and
  • Continuously optimizes the system to reduce operating costs.

As strong advocates of global environmental requirements, SCA works to create and participate in our clients’ environmental compliance core management teams, to manage related issues such as eWaste. SCA clients are gaining competitive advantage and getting closer to their customers, discovering new capabilities with their redesigned global return processes.