Approach: Design, Stabilize, Optimize™

SCA stands apart from traditional consultants who are compensated regardless of their recommendations’ real world viability. SCA prefers engagements requiring process or organizational improvements; not simply advice. SCA wants to be tied to real world successes.

We’re different than pay-for-transaction 1-, 2-, or 3-PLs with inherent conflicts of interest. Instead our performance is tied to the viability and timeliness of metric achievements.

As a process architect, SCA understands that business processes solve goals, not singular solution tools or staffing recommendations. We assume a strategic role to optimize returns processes with the least amount of disruption. SCA methodically and aggressively achieves Level 1 metrics with Six Sigma DMAIC tools, and a proven Design, Stabilize, Optimize process that:

  • Strategically redesigns return material policies and procedures to support corporate growth and revenue objectives,
  • Stabilizes the end-to-end process to ensure metric achievements before engaging additional rollout phases, and
  • Continuously optimizes the system to reduce operating costs.

SCA is successful when our clients increase profits, competitive advantage, and growth.