Objective and Mission Statement:

Drive Competitive Advantage and Incremental Profits
by Preventing and Managing Returns Worldwide
for the World’s Largest Technology Manufacturers & Distributors

SCA leverages knowledge and experience in returns and recycling for technology manufacturers in retail and wholesale channels through a unique pay for performance business model to systematically and permanently achieve:

  • Increased profits
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Competitive Advantage through Optimized Business Processes
  • Irreproachable Brand Integrity Protection

SCA has a proven track record of delivering substantial results to our customers. A prime example is a leading Telecom Equipment Manufacturer. Over the last four years, SCA has helped the company achieve $100m in profits and cost reductions by implementing the following Returns Management Programs from the SCA Portfolio:

By creating and managing an end-to-end, optimized and tightly controlled system for returns management between manufacturers and their distributors, resellers, and end users, SCA enables the world’s largest technology companies to concentrate on their core business.

Measuring Success
Metrics tell our story, and we provide extensive reporting on a regular basis with SCA-FastPRO and the SCA Workflow Web Tool.

The goals are simple: Increase profits, sales, administrative efficiencies, product quality, customer satisfaction and standardized business practices. Decrease channel inventories, RMA credits and expenses, headcount and exposure to the gray market.